The Maze Runner

Is it just me or is anyone else completely disappointed/pissed that the movie will not include the Thomas/Teresa telepathy?!

In my opinion I think it’s a huge part of Thomas and Teresa. A big part of the history of them both. I think it was definitely the wrong move.

And then also if the movie does quite well on theaters and they decide I finish the series what will they do?

Thoughts anyone?

  • Interviewer: On the scale of ‘Lightening Thief’ to ‘Catching Fire’ how accurate is the movie to the book?
  • Wes Ball: Structurally, it’s extremely close. There are things we had to change, due to pacing, you just have to change some things. A lot of it’s more about condensing, and sometimes I’d add a few things just to go along with it. It’s pretty close to the book!
  • James Dashner: Extremely close. Extremely. My editor has even read the script, and she was thrilled. My agent was thrilled, and I was thrilled.